STEP QLD Seminar | Angela Cornford-Scott TEP on "Estate Administration - Practical Tips in Dealing with International Estates"

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About this Seminar

This seminar was held on the 15 October 2019 hosted by The STEP QLD Branch. The duration of the presentation is 55 minutes.

Seminar Information

There are a number of issues which arise when dealing with assets in foreign jurisdictions in the administration of an estate. These include, what law applies, whether the will is valid in that jurisdiction, how to obtain a grant and what taxation issues need to be addressed. Angela will discuss these issues and provide some practical tips as to how to deal with the estate.

Speaker Biography | Angela Cornford-Scott TEP - Cornford-Scott Lawyers

Angela Cornford-Scott, has over 20 years of experience in wills and estate matters and is considered one of Brisbane’s leading lawyers in the field. She is an accredited specialist in succession law and specialises, and practices, exclusively in the area of succession law.

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