STEP WA Conference Presentation | Dr John Hockley TEP on "Statutory Wills – Adults without capacity"

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About this Seminar

This presentation was filmed on the 26 October 2018 at the STEP WA Incapacity Conference. The duration of the presentation is 35 minutes.

This presentation covers:
• What are the statutory wills provisions in Western Australia?
• Why are these provisions used so little or at all?
• Where do these provisions differ from those in other States? Why do they differ?
• Is Law Reform necessary? What changes to the statutory wills provisions are needed in WA in order to obtain greater use of these provisions?
The statutory will provisions are considered in the light of R v J (2017) WASC 53 where the Court did not make a statutory will. The lessons learned from that decision were applied in a later case where the statutory will was upheld by order but no publishable decision was written.

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